Graphic by  Ernie Holiday

Graphic by Ernie Holiday

New Meditation


Modern life is moving forward while leaving our humanity (our connection to the world around us) behind. 

As the world progresses, daily life becomes less natural. It's evident in the massive increase in physical and mental health problems we experience.  

Both the human body and mind are taken to unnatural places, and soon after begin failing. 

Interestingly, physical and mental health problems may have correlating solutions. Just like exercise and diets, the mind must adopt new routines.


The Minimalistic Mind Concept


1.  fearlessly & honestly remove everything unneeded in your life to create open space in your daily schedule.

2.  Leave the open space empty, and allow yourself to be as-is.

3.  Welcome being, spaciousness & self-reflection into everyday life.


Life is happening all around you, but you're too busy to notice.

We live in worlds completely ruled by our minds. And the mind lives through the constant seeking of pleasure, comfort, happiness and success. Extraordinary life is happening in unspeakable ways in every moment, but you have blinders on, tunnel vision focused on where you're going, what you're possessing, and who you're becoming.


Peace is the inner nature of humankind. If you find it within yourself, you will then find it everywhere.
— Ramana Maharshi



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